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David Stuckey, Psy.D. is a doctor of clinical psychology.  He specializes in quantitative EEG (qEEG) analysis, brainwave biofeedback, psychotherapy, and performance enhancement through concentration training.

He has worked extensively with children and adults with ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, and memory problems.  He has conducted neuropsychological assessments and psychotherapy for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and pain patients at UC Davis Medical Center.  His clinical training also includes work in multicultural psychology and personal growth practices.  Therapies include the integration of Eastern and Western paradigms, such as Western psychodynamic and cognitive psychotherapies, and Eastern contemplative practices.

Dr. Stuckey is a results-oriented clinician, who integrates cutting edge, well researched technologies with time tested traditions.



Dr. Stuckey graduated with his doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).  His dissertation research was conducted in the Amazon jungle in Northern Brazil where he investigated EEG activity during the use of a shamanic psychedelic tea called ayahuasca (also called yagé, hoasca, caapi, and others).  This research found new evidence of gamma frequency synchronous activity not previously shown with any of the psychedelic class of substances and was publishe in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (Stuckey, 2004; Stuckey, Lawson, Luna, 2005). 



Performance enhancement (cognitive and physical)
Altered states of consciousness
Vipassana meditation
Lucid dreaming
Tibetan lucid dreaming  practices  (dream yoga)
Hypnotherapy and trance induction
Psychedelic psychotherapy
Shamanic practices

Contact Information

2500 alton pkwy, suite 208
irvine, ca 92606
phone: 949.748.6220
private: 415.902.6320
fax: 949.748.6225
email: stuckey@drdavidstuckey.com

Conditions Treated
  • » Stress
  • » Depression
  • » Anxiety
  • » Sleep Disorders
  • » Attention Disorders (ADHD)
  • » Learning Disabilities
  • » Autism
  • » Memory Loss
  • » Concentration Problems
  • » Head Injury & Seizure
  • » Chronic Pain & Fatigue
  • » Migraine
  • » Stroke
  • » Cardiovascular Disease
  • » Weight Control
  • » Peak Performance
  • » Pain & Fatigue
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